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with a burst of steam over jagged buzzing bass leads, opium cracks the seal on this follow up EP by after-hours groove kicks in behind its dazzling cloud of synth chords that pitch slide into a monolithic melody... the bass remains locked down between spastic outbursts and crushed drum fills...nods to hancock, numan, and bonham

two long-lost liquid drum n bass sketches were mashed together and re-purposed to form the main elements of rivals... the bass lines and synth stabs lay the basis for this retro wave stormer that takes shape from its modular tech sequences and big neon lead lines

ratio nova unfolds as a series of variations on a guitar theme, systematically transformed into shiny plastic synthesizer arpeggios, then twisted into gnarly bass lines... the result is a mosaic of extreme sounds with a singular melodic focus ending with a glimpse of streetlights' next episode


released June 7, 2017

produced by pete grove



all rights reserved


streetlights Vancouver, British Columbia

To pin down a cohesive sound can be a challenge for a producer equally charged from the sonic exploration of techno's mechanical rhythms, the aggressive energy of rock, punk and metal, the soul and swagger of funk, hip hop, house and r&b, and the quirky melodic structure of retro pop and new wave. Emerging from 1000 sketches, streetlights has become the junction where these forces meet head-on. ... more

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